This section (subdomain of Mashweb.Club consists of only static web pages and is hosted by GitHub Pages and cached by Cloudflare for speed. The documents here are meant to be reference documents for the novel technologies used on Mashweb.Club.

Posts here, like this one, are made by copying an already existing post renaming it, and editing it. For more instructions head over to the Jekyll Now repository on GitHub. This Markdown Cheatsheet might come in handy.

Today finally the main parts of Mashweb.Club have been put into place: the root domain ( on Heroku, the documents subdomain (this one, generated by Jekyll Now and hosted on GitHub Pages, and a blog subdomain ( served by Publify hosted on Heroku. Jekyll Now will not be used for extensive blogging on Mashweb.Club because it doesn’t offer a simple way to comment on blog posts. Publify is not a static-site generator, so it cannot be hosted on GitHub Pages. Instead it is hosted on Heroku, even though that slows down the serving of its web pages.

Written on January 28, 2017