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Encapsulating the Zen Concept in a Domain Name

How to convey the proper central concept behind the “Zen website”?

Is the central concept for the Zen website all about being “on the same page”? Would a better encapsulation of the gestalt of Zen be “own the web” or “your web” or “my web” or “mash the web”? Possible catch phrases to encapsulate the gestalt of Zen are:

  • “Own the Web”
  • “On the same page”
  • “Mash the Web”
  • “Remix the Web”

The following domain names that could convey the Zen concept are or appear to be squatted upon:

  • (“Own the Web”)
  • (“Personal Web”)
  • (“Collaborative Web”)
  • (“On the Same Page”)

The following domain names are for sale:


The following domain names might be for sale:

  • (currently selling emoji collections)
  • (no DNS address)

The following domain names seem somewhat less likely to be for sale at an affordable price:

  • (“On the Same Page”, but currently in use to sell fiberoptic products under the brand name OSP)
  • (redirects to
  • (redirects to
  • (in use and might be a competitor to Zen)
  • (redirects to Apple’s

The top-level domain (TLD) me could convey the personalization aspect of Zen.