Zen White Paper


Zen: User-Programmed Web Applications.

Critique of contemporary WYSIWYG web-page composers

Weaknesses of current WYSIWYG web-page composers.

Critique of current WYSIWYM web-page composers

Problems with current WYSIWYM web-page composers.


The values driving Zen’s development.


The principles of the Zen system.


The practices of the Zen system.

Initial Questions and Ideas for Zen Development

Now we shall make our first foray into describing Zen. How do we propose to solve the problems listed in “Introduction”?

Diving Deeper: Zen According to The Elements of User Experience

The stragy framework for the development of Zen.

Encapsulating the Zen Concept in a Domain Name

How to convey the proper central concept behind the “Zen website”?

For Further Study

The following resources are fertile grounds for reaping inspiration for the development of Zen.