For Further Study

The following resources are fertile grounds for reaping inspiration for the development of Zen.
  1. GGG and the Semantic Web. (Very important. Could be greatly helped by Zen.) Lively Kernel.
  2. Context Oriented Programming.
  3. ContextJS.
  4. Morphic.
  5. Morphic.js (Morphic for JavaScript).
  6. doCOUNT, related to Morphic.
  7. Snap! (formerly named BYOB), related to Squeak Smalltalk and Morphic.
  8. The principle of Lively Kernel that it has no run/edit mode distinction, that is, the whole environment is live all the time: the environment runs, the debugger, and the editor all run at the same time.
  9. APIs for clipboard operations such as copy, cut and paste in web applications, as described in “Clipboard API and events"59 on
  10. Publications of the Web Platform Working Group at
  11. “Defining Good,” Silicon Valley Product Group
  12. B. Schneiderman’s “Visual Information-Seeking Mantra”
  13. “A Task by Data Type Taxonomy for Information Visualizations,' B. Schneiderman
  14. “Programming by Manipulation for Layout”, Technical Report
  15. “Programming by example”, Wikipedia
  16. The W3C’s “Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) 1.0” recommendation