There are nine parts to this book. Here they are described.
  1. Part 1 of this Guide explains how and why its author began to experiment with ideas related to the simple, easy creation of web pages and web applications.
  2. Part 2 lays out the goals and possible goals for Zen and Mashweb.
  3. Part 3 documents the nano framework at the heart of Zen.
  4. Part 4 documents the plan, of unproven viability, for the construction of web page structures.
  5. Part 5 documents the user interaction code that Zen provides to simplify the programming of web apps. Mainly these are protocols for interacting with the HTML5 APIs such as the HTML Drag and Drop API and the Clipboard API.
  6. Part 6 presents some example web apps such as what a semiskilled web developer might create with Alpha Zen.
  7. Part 7 presents outside tools to facilitate the design and programming of Zen and Mashweb.Club.
  8. Part 8 collects some tricks to turbocharge Zen.
  9. Part 9 shows how the development of Zen and Mashweb is organized.
  10. Part 10 presents a status report on Zen. This part will change as Zen is developed.