Part 9: Project Management

Several means of team communication, source control, and planning have been adopted. They are mentioned here.

Source Control

  1. Front end, including web pages served as static resources:
  2. Back end: currently none. The web pages containing the front end code are simply served as static resources by a web server like Apache 2, Nginx, or Hunchentoot. At some point a Hunchentoot or Ruby on Rails backend will be put in place. It will provide authentication and authorisation for access to the back end database.
  3. Back end database: a special purpose, Common Lisp based RESTful web service exists to serve HTML DOMs stored as s-expressions:
  4. Associated Ruby on Rails based “non technical” club website:
  5. Static web pages served by GitHub Pages and accessed by the subdomain, containing some demos and documentation (mostly the white paper):
  6. WordPress pages on the subdomain accessed via a WordPress admin login.

Team Discussions

See . Wiki

See .

Agile Development Management\


Quick Sharing

Some facilities for quick sharing of demos and prototypes:

  1. and alternatives (or go directly to a comparison of the top 5)